Cornival Popcorn LLC is a Specialty Gourmet Popcorn Business in the Eastern Indianapolis, Indiana metropolitan area. Cornival Popcorn is a family owned, oriented and structured business that was established in November of 2009 in the Washington Square Mall on the Far Eastside of Indianapolis. Cornival Popcorn’s characteristics were constructed with a Carnival Theme in mind, and has upwards of 100 tantalizingly delicious flavors ranging from savory to sweet as well as delightful offerings that would be complementary to what would be offered in a festival or Carnival environment.


“We are the best Gourmet Popcorn entity in the Whole Wide World, plain and simple!”


“If there is a thought that our feelings about our product is over stated or exaggerated just stop by and get a sample. It won’t cost you anything but your future loyalty and devotion, and there is no need to take our word for it, because our product speaks volumes all by itself.”

Mission Statement

To attain profitable growth through superior customer and community service while also forming a family orientation and bond with a very high emphasis on displaying our commitment to quality and integrity. Our goal is to create a platform that stretches beyond the pillars of our business and onto the streets of society, allowing us to form relationships with our customers and also extending our services to various organizations as a means to be active in the community. Our aim is to always offer a high grade product made with quality, high grade, and healthy ingredients.